Terms of Use

I. General
1.The website is maintained by the operator named in the imprint. This assumes the legal responsibility for the page content. At the same time, he is the contact person for inquiries from users - especially for questions regarding payments and services.
2.The operator does not guarantee for a constant availability of the Internet offer. However, he will endeavor to ensure constant availability.
3.The operator is in any case not responsible for external links. He will, however, remove them immediately after becoming aware of any legal concerns.
4.The website is designed for use with standard browsers (HTML2 compatible). The most optimal screen resolution is 1280 x 800, the minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 600. Any toolbars installed by the user may need to be considered. Furthermore, the approval of Java Script and an installed Flash player (minimal version 10.1) is required. Furthermore, a DSL connection is required in particular for video services and live chat.
5. All content on the website is the copyright of the operator and may not be used or published elsewhere without the express written permission of the operator.

II. Registration of the user on the website
1.By registering on the Site, these Terms of Use (AGB's) are fully and completely accepted.
2.The registration on the website is only allowed to persons of legal age.
3.The user name (alias) is (so far not yet assigned) freely selectable.
4.The password is freely selectable by the user during registration. This chosen password is confidential and may not be passed on to third parties.
5.In particular, it is not allowed to supply with credentials or to facilitate the access of minors to the website in any form.
6.The user may use the offer - in particular the paid areas only from one device (PC, tablet, mobile phone etc).
7. By registering the user is able to use the free offers on the website. There are no costs or consequential costs.
8.The operator of the website reserves the right to register users occasionally and at irregular intervals to provide information about the operator's Internet offer via e-mail. These newsletters can be unsubscribed at any time irrespective of the registration.

III. Payment of paid services
1. To be able to use paid services (on-demand - e.g., photo galleries, videos, private cam chat) on the website, the required number of coins is required on the user account. These can be acquired through so-called online payment methods. External payment service providers are also used for this purpose.
2.The purchase intention of Coins by the user comes by simple confirmation of the appropriate button after the selection of the desired tariff in dependence of the selected payment method bindingly.
3. During the payment process until the final completion of the complete payment, the operator has ceded the claims to the respective payment service provider. This also applies to a possible collection, which due to e.g. of return debits or non-payment of payments.
4.Any subscriptions or recurring, automatic payments are not carried out on the website. The user can always recharge his Coin account via the payment methods offered.
5.The personal data provided with the payment service provider - in particular credit card and account information are stored and processed exclusively in accordance with the statutory provisions.
6.The terms and conditions of the respective payment service provider apply with regard to the payments.
7.In the event of a successful payment and immediate electronic notification by the payment service provider, the booked number of coins will be credited to the user account immediately.
8.A refund of undisputed credit, which is still in the user account, is possible upon written application with deduction of a processing fee of 9.95 EUR. To secure claims of third parties, the operator may require a verification from the user.
9.The user has no claim to be able to use a once used payment method also in the future.
10. Immediately after the payment has been confirmed, the credits of the acquired coins will be credited to the user account and can be used immediately. Purchased coins are valid for 2 years.

IV. Paid on-demand services on the website
1.The registered user has several paid services available on the website (such as picture galleries, videos, private cam chat)
2.For the booking of a fee-based service, the user must acquire sufficient credit points (see point III)
3.Under the declaration of intent by a user to make a paid service, the latter fully recognizes these special conditions.
4. Confirmation of the booking will result in the instantaneous Coin debit of his user account as part of his credit balance. Furthermore, the immediate activation of the booked performance takes place, insofar as it is videos and pictures. For the use of the chat, the conditions listed under point V apply.
5.The booking is an exclusive online right - there is expressly no right to download and the associated permanent offline usability.
6. Due to the immediate online provision of the booked service, any statutory revocation provisions are without effect.
7.The operator of the website also assumes no guarantee of multimedia offers for a specific purpose or that the features offered meet individual requirements of the user.

V. Paid Chat Services
1.The use of private chat is provided according to the published times.
2.A guarantee of these times can not be given by the operator.
3.Coins required for the chat service are purchased prior to the chat and are automatically deducted from the user account during the chat session.
4.The collection and booking of the coins takes place in advance for the respective time unit. In each case, the number of coins stated on the cam chat page apply to the service used and may vary depending on the time of day.
5. If the transmission is e.g. interrupted for technical reasons, the user has to end the chat to avoid unjustified coin load. Complaints related to this are generally rejected!
6.The user has to behave in the chat area in such a way that he does not offend the performer with whom he is in dialogue, in his dignity or personality, or otherwise insults or denigrates or vilifies him. Such a procedure of the user is punished with its immediate exclusion from the chat area.
7.The user is not given any promises about the way or the content of the private chat. In particular, the content is determined solely by the performer herself.
8.The user is prohibited from making recordings of private chat.
9.Furthermore, no promises are made regarding the transmission quality

VI. Others
1.The user acknowledges that he has legal consequences if he fails to comply with these Terms of Use.
2.The use of the Services is at your own risk. In particular, the operator of the website is not liable for damages, including such damages that may result from data loss through the download or use of software, multimedia content or other content.
3.The operator of the website is liable, regardless of the legal grounds, only for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence. The liability amount is limited to the amount that the user has paid for the service. Any further claims for damages, including for consequential damages, are expressly excluded.
4.The user is aware that connection data is stored for statistical purposes as well as for chargeable performance services. Furthermore, safe cookies are stored on the hard disk of the user. All data stored by the operator will not be passed on to third parties.
5. Trademarks referred to on the Website are the property of their respective owners.
6.The law of the place of business of the operator of the website applies - likewise, the place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the operator.